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Pipette Inc.




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Title :

Fully Automated


Developer :

Pipette Inc.

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“Wake up, comrade, remnant of the old guard, to defend the people of Communa! The ancient evil, the Corporation, emerged from the depths of space! Defeat the spirit of our foes with your stoic resistance, or crush their bodies under the power of your fists!”


Fully Automated is a fast-paced action rpg riddled with tough choices. Explore the Communa, a beautiful utopia born from the ashes of war, and save it from the greed of its ancient foe. Use the power of cyborg martial arts to destroy or disarm your enemies!


  • Choices Matter: The world and its inhabitants are affected by your actions. Make alliances or become a one-cyborg-army. You decide what kind of hero you want to be.

  • Fight your own way: Master deadly combos or use non-lethal techniques to overcome your enemies. Each fighting style grants special abilities.

  • Upgrades: Find microchips to become a better martial art cyborg. Learn lethal and non-lethal attacks to expand your arsenal.

  • Diverse range of allies and enemies: Meet inhabitants in every corner of the world. Learn about the different cultures of Communa IV and build strong relationships. Every character has a unique personality, and will respond differently to your decisions.

  • Epic boss fights: Battle against armies, gigantic opponents from ancient times and the powerful forces of the Corporation.

  • Exploration: Traverse the ancient roads of a long-forgotten factory world taken back by nature. Unravel mysteries and find secrets along the way.


 The game will be available on PC and Mac.






Selected Articles

Selected Articles

“The Man Came Around is a political fable for our trying times”

- Jake Tucker, Killscreen

“The Man Came Around Uses Political Fable To Critique Society’s Foibles”

- Joanna Mueller, Cliqist

“The Man Came Around is a thought-provoking survival RPG about exile and fascism”

- Joe Donelly, PC Gamer



About Pipette Inc

Pipette Inc.



My name is Thierry and I’m an independent game developer from Brussels, Belgium.  One year and a half ago, I asked myself what I could to do to make the world a better place. I decided to use my games to relay progressive values. Why? Because I believe that to counter hateful speeches and right-wing rhetoric, you need to propose better ideas to the widest audience possible.


And what better medium to do this than video games? They allow to explain complex problematic in an interactive way, and make players face the consequences of their actions. Plus, game development is my passion, so it was a no brainer.


Since then, a lot of things happened.  Scandals, protests, bombings -sometimes close to home- elections… Some made the game look more like a documentary than a dystopian fiction. But they also reinforced my conviction.


Pipette Inc. will only produce games containing a meaningful critic of society. Here are the values that the studio will defend and promote: 


  • Let’s stop discriminating people based on their race, gender or sexuality.

  • Society should work for all of us, not just a greedy minority. 

  • Climate change is real. Let's deal with it! 

  • We should always oppose fascism. 


Team and Contact

Thierry Brimioulle 



Game Designer

2D/3D Artist

Field Operative

Bullshit Artist (PR guy)


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