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Fully Automated is a fast-paced action rpg riddled with tough choices.

Explore the Communa, a beautiful utopia born from the ashes of war, and save it from the greed of its ancient foe.

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Save Communa IV from the Corporation

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“Wake up, comrade, remnant of the old guard, to defend the people of Communa! The ancient evil, the Corporation, emerged from the depths of space! Defeat the spirit of our foes with your stoic resistance, or crush their bodies under the power of your fists!”

Play as an antic war cyborg suddenly awakened from its stasis after a thousand year sleep. Defend the inhabitants of a forgoten space utopia against an old enemy. 

You choose the way you play

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The lethal way

The non-lethal way

Master deadly combos to overcome your enemies. Kill tough opponents to save the world and shape the future. 

Use non-lethal techniques to spare your enemies. Intimidate them or use diplomacy to beat them, they maybe could be helpful later. 

The choice is yours

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Choose your own allies

While you kill or not your enemies, you can also choose who you team up with. Convince the inhabitants to to fight the corporation or all in yourself on a one-cyborg-army.

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Choose your own path

Traverse the ancient roads of a long-forgotten factory world taken back by nature. Different path, different opponents and a lot of secrets are to find along the way.

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