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Fully automated is a 2D action rpg game with a top-down view.

Play as a forgotten war droid and travel through a world of pixel art with dynamic puzzles and battles.

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Save Decima IV from the Corporation

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Play as the Avatar, an antic war cyborg suddenly awakened from its stasis after a thousand year sleep.

You find yourself in the middle of a conflict between the inhabitants of Decima IV, a green, egalitarian and democratic utopia forgotten by all, and the settlers of a new empire determined to get its hands on the natural resources of the planet. 


You choose the way you play

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The deadly way

The kindest way

Learn deadly techniques to kill or destroy all your enemies. Succumb to the power of robotic martial arts to end fights quickly. 

Use non-lethal techniques to spare your enemies. Intimidate them or use diplomacy to save them, they may be able to help you later.   

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Your choices will affect the world and its inhabitants. Embrace the chaos or save everyone, the choice is yours. 

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