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Pipette Inc.






Fact and concept

Title :

The Man Came Around


Developer :

Pipette Inc.

Release date :

9 August 2023

Platforms :

Steam (PC/Mac)

Price :

12,99 USD

Website :


The Man Came Around is a survival thriller filled with tough choices.
Occida, one of the world's most powerful nations, is shaken by mass protests. As the fight between The Many -an activist organization- and the government intensifies, the protesters face brutal repression.

Play five citizens trying to leave this mess.
Your only hope is to cross the Northern Border, a heavily guarded fence lost in the middle of the mountains.

You'll face grave dangers during your trip between the deadly elements and the corrupt cops. Manage your scarce resources, take tough decisions, and make the best of your group's abilities to escape this lethal maze.

But remember: sometimes staying alive is not the same as doing the right thing… Will you sacrifice your principles to survive?


Moral Choices: Sacrificing a member, making shady deals, or letting other innocents die to survive ... You'll face tough decisions during the adventure.

Interactive Narration: Let your choices change the story. Replay to discover all possibilities.

Group Survival: Permadeath for the characters! It's up to you to finish the game with five or only one survivor.

Trauma System: Stress and guilt will impact your characters.

Replayability: Each play-through will be different, thanks to some added randomness.

Unique Art Style: The hand-drawn graphics are inspired by minimalism and speed painting.






Selected Articles

Selected Articles

“The Man Came Around is a political fable for our trying times”

- Jake Tucker, Killscreen

“The Man Came Around Uses Political Fable To Critique Society’s Foibles”

- Joanna Mueller, Cliqist

“The Man Came Around is a thought-provoking survival RPG about exile and fascism”

- Joe Donelly, PC Gamer



About Pipette Inc

Pipette Inc.



Pipette Inc is an independent studio based in Belgium since June 2015.  All of our games will share 3 characteristics.


They will challenge the traditional vision of our society. By being provocative, rebellious, intriguing, unapologetic, and crazy.

If everything is political, then why not games!


A unique graphic style. Belgium is a rich land when it comes to graphic design, so our games will experiment a lot with 2D graphics.


The player will face moral dilemmas and tough choices.


Team and Contact

Thierry Brimioulle 


Game Designer

2D/3D Artist


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