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Gamescom 2015 : congratulations and such

Okay. The Gamescom was awesome even if I had to sleep the whole day to recover. What an experience it has been! Of course, I want to thank a lot of people so brace yourself, lame jokes and praises are coming.

Of course, I want to thank the Flega, Walga, and for the opportunity. But more precisely Thibault, David and Guillaume for their efforts. I’ll try to discover what kind of energy source powers Guillaume, I’m sure it’s worth billions.

Gillian and Alexandre from Haunted Tie, thank you for the ride and for being simply a bunch of magicians. Domiverse will live up to his name and RUN WILD ON THE GALAXY.

Sam and Seb from Exiin, my neighbors on the booth, that did a tremendous job for the Belgian Games website. Andrea and Ferry from Mode4 for the organization (and for Brotaru). And of course, all the others companies that were there (Simon, Guillaume, Karel, Bruno, Burçin … the list is too long!)

Also the guys from Mother Russia Bleeds. As a gamer, I will say only one thing : OMAGAD TAKE MY MONEY !

And of course, all the guys that came to the studio to check To the Sky, and all the people who gave me their feedback on the game at the Gamescom.

I also want to thank Nelson, Adrien and Pablo. Nelson helped me chasing bugs (and I’m creating two bugs when fixing one so it’s no simple task) with the patience and the focus of a Shaolin Monk. Adrien is the coolest guy on earth, and the brainstorms on “how to become filthy rich quickly” will definitely become a Pipette Inc. signature move (or not).

Pablo, thank you for you work on the sound design ! The atmosphere of the game really improved because of that and it’s always super cool to see your motivation and passion when it comes to sound.

And of course Julien and Marc, because Pipette Inc. would never have existed without you.

Well, I hope I’m not forgetting somebody (but probably did) …

Haha Julien from Quai 10 ! Let’s take a beer at the Parvis when you want.

Well. It was IN-TEN-SE. I don’t know what the future holds in store for To the Sky. (Probably an avalanche … of opportunities arf arf... Hum…Sorry). But I’m optimistic and one thing is sure, I’m not gonna stop climbing.

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