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To the Sky is a 2D game about survival and tough choices. 


In the heart of a frozen mountain, five plane crash survivors try to escape their tragic fate.

With almost no resources, their only choice seems to start climbing their way up.


To the Sky is the story of their struggle.

You'll have to manage their resources, take planned risks and face moral dilemmas in order to save them.


But remember ! In this deadly maze, there is no right or wrong.  Just "life" and "death". 

And you're the one choosing who lives and who dies.



To The Sky is a 2D Game powered by Construct 2. We will release the game on PC, Mac, Linux.


The mountain is filled with various dangers so choose the best path you can think of and plan accordingly.


You'll have to manage your resources, take planned risks and face moral dilemmas.


Will you be able to save everyone? Will you even try?

And what kind of traumatic experiences will the survivors suffer during the journey?


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