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Fact and concept

Title :                                      The Man Came Around

Developer :                           Pipette Inc.

Release date :                      2022

Genre :                                   Survival RPG

Platform :                              PC

Price :                                     XXXX

Contact :                     

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Committed and unforgiving, The Man Came Around is a survival game filled with though choices in a time of crisis. A political fable about exile, hardships and the collapse of democracy.    

Occida, one of the most powerful nation of the world, is shaken by mass protests met by brutal repression. As the fight between The Many -an activist organisation- and the government intensifies, the country is rapidly falling into dictatorship.

Play five citizens trying to leave this mess.

Your only hope is to cross the Northern Border, a heavily guarded fence lost in the middle of the mountains. 


  • Political fable: The story explores how a democratic system can fall, ruined by special interests. And asks the crucial question: How could it happen?​

  • Moral Choices: Sacrificing a member, making shady deals or letting innocents die in order to survive... Those choices will impact the story! ​

  • Group Survival: Permadeath for the characters! It’s up to you to finish the game with five or only one survivor.​​

  • Trauma System: Stress and guilt will impact your characters’ psyche.​

  • Interactive Narration: Let your choices change the story. Replay to discover all possibilities.​

  • Lost in a Maze: Explore a labyrinthine world full of secrets.​

  • Unique Graphic Style: 2D handcrafted speed painting.

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Team bio

Pipette Inc.

Who I am :

My name is Thierry and I’m an independent game developer from Brussels, Belgium.  (infos milieu JV)

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One year and a half ago, I asked myself what I could to do to make the world a better place. I decided to use my games to relay progressive values. Why? Because I believe that to counter hateful speeches and right-wing rhetoric, you need to propose better ideas to the widest audience possible.


And what better medium to do this than video games? They allow to explain complex problematic in an interactive way, and make players face the consequences of their actions. Plus, game development is my passion, so it was a no brainer.


Since then, a lot of things happened.  Scandals, protests, bombings -sometimes close to home- elections… Some made the game look more like a documentary than a dystopian fiction. But they also reinforced my conviction.


Pipette Inc. will only produce games containing a meaningful critic of society. Here are the values that the studio will defend and promote: 


  • Let’s stop discriminating people based on their race, gender or sexuality.

  • Society should work for all of us, not just a greedy minority. 

  • Climate change is real. Let's deal with it! 

  • We should always oppose fascism. 

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Selected Articles

Press :

“The Man Came Around is a political fable for our trying times”

- Jake Tucker, Killscreen

“The Man Came Around Uses Political Fable To Critique Society’s Foibles”

- Joanna Mueller, Cliqist

“The Man Came Around is a thought-provoking survival RPG about exile and fascism”

- Joe Donelly, PC Gamer



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