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The times they are changing !

Hi guys and gals (And others. And Oters) I know I didn’t give news for a long time now ! So … how To the Sky doing these days? Well, there are some bad and some good news.

The bad news is an annoying bug in the new demo. It is engine-related but I hope it’s gonna be fixed soon. I couldn’t show the extended demo to some events, which was a bummer.

Now, for THE GOOD NEWS : after a long deliberation with myself about what I want to express in games, what was the studio at first and it’s now, the proliferation of survival games and the fact the world seems to have lost his damn mind …I decided to change the thematic of the game.

To the Sky was supposed to use a very old story –the plane crash in a mountain- to speak more generally about depression and those moments when life beats the shit out of you. But it’s gonna evolve to something else.

No, don’t worry, there will still be snow, dangers and hard moral choices. I clearly don’t intend to waste a single hour of the work I’ve done here! But the result will be different and it’ll allow me to express something that I feel needs to be said.

And more generally, I intend to take the studio in a new direction. Of course, the main ingredients will be the same : 2D graphics and moral choices, but I want the games of Pipette Inc. to express something about the society we live in and its flaws.

I’ll communicate more about all those things in the coming month.

Stay tuned !

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